About Us



While this may not be the most creative sewing endeavor ever undertaken, it certainly seems to fill a need.  The thought of all those naked keyboards and mixers out there is enough to make a body weep - and keeps us going at our sewing far into the night.

We started out on ebay with auctions for a Mackie 24/8 and a Yamaha 3214.  The response was good and before you could say "testing 1,2" we had inquiries for equipment we'd never heard of...and a business was born.

Now almost five years and thousands of covers later, Cover-It-Audio has covered audio equipment vintage and cutting edge - from reel-to-reels to the newest offerings.  We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and covers that will stand the test of time (and repeated washings).

Thanks to all of our satisfied customers all over the world and especially to those early ones who provided feedback on fit, so that we can confidently say, "If you can measure it, we can make it."